Accountants: Streamline Your Sales Process and Start Selling Advisory Services

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Join Trent McLaren from Practice Ignition, Richard Francis from Spotlight Reporting and MC from Practice Paradox as we dive deep into selling advisory services.

You got into accounting to be an advisor. You didn’t go through all your training to be stuck doing tax and compliance all day. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Get the keys to delivering scalable advisory, and learn how you can streamline your sales process so you aren’t left stuck trying to up-sell later on (that strategy rarely ever works, and never ever works well).

It all starts with setting up your accounting firm with the right processes to make it happen.

Start your journey towards truly delivering advisory by watching the web event recording below.

Streamline your sales process and start selling advisory services

In this discussion, you’ll learn:

  • Tips for removing the major friction points in your sales process
  • How you can win new clients over with a kickass first impression
  • Ways you can develop a seamless engagement process
  • Ideas to roll in advisory as part of your offering, and how to scale that as you grow
  • Who should be involved in your sales process
  • The most common mistakes we see in accountants’ sales processes

If you want to start selling advisory services and join the growing number of progressive accountants and advisors, there’s never been a better time.

With so much work capable of being outsourced now, you can be a hero to your clients if you step and start delivering great advice that helps them take their businesses to higher levels.

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