2013 Calendar of Events for Modern Marketing Academy

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A reminder that tomorrow we’re presenting the members-only webinar, DASHBOARD: 
Measuring and Monitoring Your Marketing Lead and Lag Indicators. As per usual, to register log in and click the Register For Next Webinar button on the Home tab.

You will see our full list of events for 2013 on our Events Calendar here. Note that the grey shaded rows are Public events, not intended for members, but feel free to attend them if the topic strikes a chord with you.

As a member of The Modern Marketing Academy, you can attend all the Members Only online events at no additional cost. As you’ll see, that’s an extensive range of topics.

Be sure to pencil in those dates, as this year’s webinars will be full of how-to videos and screencasts on how to do a range of marketing, innovation and tech-related tasks.

This year’s Masterclass Series is themed, LOOK Great, SOUND Great, BE Great.

Pencil these dates in as they are full day live online events on 29 May, 21 August and 13 Nov. (Note the change in the August date, which was originally promoted as 28 August. This had to be moved due to a clash with a little event called Xerocon.)

The Masterclasses will be live video streaming, interactive online events (which is a level way beyond mere webinars).

A small group of Academy Members and Graduates will be able to attend live in person at the Masterclasses.

We’ll let you know more about Masterclass in the coming weeks.


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