Selling Skills for Accountants and Advisors

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Selling skills for accountants and advisors

Have you ever wondered how you or your sales team can learn and develop those much needed selling skills?

Or whether your sales process is up to date?

Or what sales mastery looks like?

Selling is one of those topics that, in my experience, only the more progressive accountants and advisors embrace as a crucial area of their business and one that they invest in mastering. They treat it as a core competence for their business.

Many accountants think that selling is ‘beneath them’ and they pride themselves by saying or thinking things like, ‘I don’t sell anything to anyone.’

Indeed. That’s why most firms under-service their client’s needs, because their advisors are reactive order takers who never proactively make suggestions to clients for additional things they could help them implement.

And guess what?

Selling is simply about intelligent, well-timed, well-targeted, well-delivered suggestions to clients.

And that’s what this webinar was all about.

Check out the recording below, presented by Evergreen Coaching founder Nicky Miklos-Woodley. Make sure you take notes as you go, this webinar recording could mean securing more clients for your firm as you put the steps covered into practice.

To help your navigation, use this list of topics covered and their corresponding time stamps on the video.

Introduction (0:00)
What sales is—sales mindset (7:20)
Nicky introduction (14:00)
Sales myths (16:30)
The Growth Grid (24:00)
7 Steps for Sales Mastery – Step 1: Perceptual shifting (29:15)
Step 2: Planning (32:45)
Detailed checklist for pre-call planning (33:45)
7 Steps – Step 3: Initial Needs Analysis (35:45)
7 Steps – Step 4: Gap analysis (38:00)
Gap analysis questionnaire (38:25)
Step 5: Provide a solution and gain commitment (41:20)
Step 6: Onboarding (43:40)
Step 7: Referral and repeat strategies (44:50)
9 signs your sales process is broken (45:40)
Your sales mastery matrix (49:00)
QA (54:20)

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