Reinventing an Accounting Firm — Webinar Interview

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In this webinar, you’ll discover how Antoinette Palmer went from too many clients and struggling, to far fewer clients and flying.

If you’re attracting the wrong types of clients to your firm, experience problems with bad debt, or simply have too many low-value clients, watch the webinar recording below and learn how Antoinette Palmer solved the problem—and how you can too.

Turnarounds like this don’t happen by accident, and they also don’t happen without you first making the conscious decision to change.

But, as you’re about to hear from Antoinette, the rewards and benefits that come from following through—from increased profitability, to working fewer hours, to getting your life back—show that you cannot afford not to take action to build the firm you wished you had.

Antoinette is also re-branding her accounting firm and website to the new name Embrace, and discusses the process, hurdles, and successes she has experienced so far in her journey.

Curious about the benefits a re-brand might have for your firm?

Wondering how you can make strategic changes to increase:

  1. The value of your clients, and
  2. Your value to your clients?

Then be sure to watch the webinar recording.

Topics Covered

Introduction – (0:00)
How Antoinette started advertising (3:15)
Turning point — the Marketing Academy (5:45)
Traffic types for getting ideal clients vs price shoppers (8:30)
Building up a strategy (13:00)
Up 918% on the first 5 months 2017 on 2016 (15:30)
Accounting firm website rebrand and conversion rate optimisation (21:15)
Practice Ignition (46:30)
Bringing about change in a business – Mindset, skills, systems and tools (48:00)
Marketing Machine 2.0 (51:00)
PARADOX Masterclass (56:30)

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