How one blog post and modern marketing implementation delivered Otium Group $50K in new clients

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This past Wednesday we had a great webinar with the CEO and Founder of Otium group, Drew Grosskreutz, about how he implemented modern marketing to grow his email list by hundreds and went from 4 to 8 new clients per month (in half the time he thought it would).

Meet the guest:

Drew Grosskreutz is the CEO of Otium Group—an accounting and advisory firm that provide the advice, tools, and support needed to achieve financial success. Otium Group specialises in financial planning, accounting, technology, and SMSF.

What you will learn:

  • How Otium Group a) discovered they had a blog post receiving a ton of traffic, and b) what they did to that page that continues to grow their email list each and every day.
  • Why it’s important to review your most visited posts and pages and act on this information.
  • Why you’re probably over thinking what valuable content you can offer your visitors. You’ll hear what Drew used, and get other ideas for your firm.
  • What to do after you have  a lead magnet.
  • How to set up an opt-in box for someone to enter their email and download it. (There’s an app for that, as luck would have it.)
  • How Drew went from 4 to 8 new clients a month within five months before hitting a peak of 20 new clients a month. (Which required a jump from 5 staff members to 25)

Questions you’re probably asking:

  • How did he achieve this?
  • What were some of the hurdles and lessons along the way?
  • What technology and systems did Otium put in place to handle that growth and scale from 5 to now 25 staff?
  • What specifically in his marketing has worked to generate leads and new clients?


To find the answers to these questions and more check out the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

Introduction to Drew and the Otium Group (0:00)
Growth rates (6:00)
What’s different about Otium? The focus on technology and marketing (9:00)
Otium’s Value Proposition (10:00)
The marketing strategies and approaches working for Otium Group (13:00)
Marketing automation and CRM (16:30)
Client story same name as existing client (20:30)
How to get results in your marketing (23:30)
Otium Group’s lead generation/conveyor belt (29:00)
Social media experiments (33:00)
$50k (and counting) thanks to one blog post (35:00)
How Drew started with marketing (42:50)
QA: Timeframe from when someone comes onboard (53:00)
QA: How accounting firms are changing (58:30)
QA: Measuring ROI of these activities (1:04:10)

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