ACCOUNTANTS, ADVISORS and SMALL BIZ OWNERS: The 10 latest trends in marketing and small business

In the webinar you'll discover what the most progressive businesses are doing to stand out from the competition—and how you use the same strategies in your business. You'll see how search has changed over time, and what you need in order to rank well in Google and get website visitors.

After attending the webinar, you'll know what these latest trends are. You can start putting them into practice now to stay ahead of the curve and see results you wouldn't get without knowing them.

  • Date

    6 Sept 2017

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HOST: 'MC' Carter

An award-winning entrepreneur, copywriter, business consultant, marketing advisor, speaker and self-confessed ‘propellor head’, MC has worked in and consulted to the accounting profession across 2 decades. MC is the Founder & CEO of PARADOX.

In this FREE webinar, you'll learn...

  • How modern businesses are building their digital presence and how you can market like a pro

    See what the giants across accounting, advisory and small business in general are doing to stand out and make a name for themselves—and learn how you can do that too!

  • Why social media is a “must have” for all modern businesses in 2017 and the latest publishing trends

    Understand why it’s crucial to be publishing across more than just your website, and how your social media presence reflects how your brand is perceived. It’s no longer optional in 2017.

  • How locally focused accountants, advisors and small business owners are getting noticed

    The increasing significance of local search is why—if you’re a locally focused business—you need to rank well for your geographic area (and how to achieve that).

  • How focusing on a particular target niche can take your business to the next level

    See how laser-focus and sound strategy help your businesses to grow and attract ideally suited clients. It might sound scary at first, but the results speak for themselves.

  • Date

    6 Sept 2017

*webinar registrants will be added to our MODERNIZE eNewsletter

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