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The Marketing Machine Blueprint for Accounting Firms

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Michael ' MC' Carter

HOST: MC Carter - Founder & CEO - Practice Paradox

What accountants and advisors have said about this content...

“I learned the key steps and now have direction to market and grow my business.” Antoinette Palmer — Embrace Accountants

Antoinette on value of PARADOX Marketing Masterclass

“I have strategic goals for the business plus the required action steps to achieve them in the next 12 months.” Ryan Addinsall — LPR Advisory


Wednesday, June 6

  • 10:00am - NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT, TAS
  • 8:00am - WA
  • 12:00pm - NZ
  • 5:00pm - PDT, 7:00pm CDT, 8:00pm EDT (Tuesday, June 5th)

There is a structure to modern marketing, and you can learn and apply it to predictably grow your firm. Discover the Marketing Machine 2.0 model (and get your copy of the wall chart poster just by attending this web event).

In this FREE webinar from PARADOX, you will discover...

  • The most common marketing mistakes made by accounting firms 
  • Why most websites do not generate leads for accounants 
  • Where social media fits in to your marketing (and how to measure its effectiveness)

Also, this is a live online event. You only have one chance to join us LIVE. We start in...


Note to PARADOX Members: If you're already familiar with this content, feel free to come along for a refresher if you'd like. Alternatively, block out an hour in your calendar to work through the ImpleMENTOR, or your priority marketing activities. And stay tuned for an email from us about the next Member's-Only Ask An Expert training session!

What accountants and advisors have said about this content...

“It's insightful, motivating and will provide you with the blueprint to overhaul your marketing.” Robert Moore — MSI Taylor Business Services

Robert Moore MSI Taylor