Market and Grow your Accounting Firm with the Marketing Machine 2.0

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market and grow your accounting firm with the Marketing Machine 2.0 model

Marketing your accounting firm shouldn’t be a mystery. Effective marketing is logical and structured. It’s also measurable—you don’t have to wonder whether it’s working or not. If you use the right tools and systems, the data will show you what’s working and where the gaps are.

This webinar will help you avoid the basic mistakes most small businesses and advisory firms make when building their online presence, and why many websites are a ‘leaky bucket’ when it comes to converting website visitors into leads.

Want to set up your accounting practice to grow with modern marketing strategies? Check out the webinar recording below.

Intro (0:00)

Best marketing practices for accountants and advisors (2:00)

  • Marketing PARADOX
  • Current challenges
  • In-house vs. outsourcing

Marketing Machine Model (13:00)

  • Look great. Sound great. Be great.
  • Why it’s important

Strategy: (15:45)

  • Is not about ‘differentiation’
  • Is not an objective
  • Is not something you delegate
  • Is not complex
  • Is not common

Presence: (24:25)

  • Your ‘digital footprint’
  • Well-designed and mobile responsive website
  • Social media and Google ‘My Business’ profiles completed and branded
  • Setup a account

Publish: (32:00)

  • Marketing is about education, not promotion
  • Every business is now a publisher
  • Content and channels need to match your audience

Attract: (39:00)

  • Targeted content
  • SEO-focused content
  • Establishing authority
  • Know your traffic metrics and trends
  • See what people are searching to find you
  • Paid traffic

Convert: (42:00)

  • Plugging the leaky bucket (website)
  • Conversion = Visitors who opt in to receive info
  • It’s easily measured using Conversion Goals in Google Analytics
  • Conversion tools to grow your business

Questions: (45:45)

  • Avoid hype
  • Pay per click, is it worthwhile?

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