Marketing implementation system for modern accountants and their small business clients

Always know precisely what your next step should be to market and grow your business


Imagine having a step-by-step system for implementing modern marketing in your business? Meet ImpleMENTOR, by PARADOX.

Discover your 5-step process for using digital marketing to GROW your business


Define your strategy and business model, build and expand your brand's online presence, and ensure your website is set up for success.


Generate online reviews and endorsements in social media, while monitoring and responding to what's said about your business online.


Leverage social media platforms, blog and video content and implement tips to achieve a position of authority in your market.


Implement specific, measurable tactics for attracting traffic to your site and converting visitors into subscribers and clients.


Implement easy and practical ways to stay in front of your customers, increase loyalty, generate repeat business and a steady flow of referrals.


You're shown not just what to do, but how to implement it AND you receive monthly training and support.



Marketing has changed. There are new methods, new metrics. If you're not up-to-speed you're at a disadvantage.

Imagine if each week you knew you were making steady progress by implementing brilliant, modern, measurable marketing for your business. The Marketing ImpleMENTOR platform not only guides you step-by-step through each aspect of your business' marketing, but also tracks your implementation progress and provides you with clear reports on your results. You know it: It's time to stop just thinking and talking about improving your marketing, it's time to starting doing better marketing. It's time to start implementing.

The hardest part of marketing for most business owners is knowing where to start or what to do next. For many, marketing is too easy to put off to another day which is why most small businesses fail to fulfil their growth potential due to a lack of marketing focus and activity.

ImpleMENTOR solves your marketing challenges for you by giving you clear guidance on your next step at any point in your business' growth and development.

With consistent implementation you will gain momentum and transform your business.


What you can measure, you can manage.

If your accountant is a progressive business advisor, they'll tell you that whilst your financials are important, they are lag indicators: They are the end result of things you did upstream.

It's these upstream activities—that can be measured as lead indicators—that produce your results. And the majority of these lead indicators relate to your marketing and sales.

So the uncomfortable question is... Do you know your marketing lead indicators? Your website traffic? Your Google rankings? Your website conversion rate? Probably not.

Once you're supported by the ImpleMENTOR platform, you will. And you'll be empowered and motivated by knowing which marketing lead indicators you need to improve to create better financial results for your business.


Accountability and results to take all the guesswork out of your marketing

See tangible, real progress in your business. This is not 'warm and fuzzy' rah-rah business advice. ImpleMENTOR is about specific, actionable and measurable tasks to grow your business.

Take advantage of weekly marketing analytics reports about your implementation performance. These are great tools for informing and determining future areas of focus. You will receive analytics report cards on your SEO, Keyword Ranking, Analytics, Activity, Link Analysis and Social Media on your choice of a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Don't know what all that jargon means? Don't worry. You soon will. And to be successful in modern business, you need to get up-to-speed with these digital marketing concepts fast. It's easy, once you know how. ImpleMENTOR will show you.

Gain momentum and motivation from seeing your progress scores grow from week to week. Your implementation progress scores cover each module to help you track and measure your action taking. As you work through each aspect of the content marketing cycle to build your marketing machine, the results will build. Your business will go to a whole new level.

ImpleMENTOR works for all business types and industries

You are who Google says you are. Modern digital marketing is relevant to all businesses.

  • Every business should be targeting specific searches in Google and tracking their rankings (and their competitors!)
  • ImpleMENTOR tailors the strategies and tactics based on your industry, location and type of website.
  • Each task includes an explanation of the WHY and the HOW TO, as well as a place for your notes and attachments.
  • Learn how to harness the power of social media, blogs, videos, podcasts, email marketing, webinars, and events.
  • Build the relationship and develop a rapport with your followers and subscribers. People need to know, like and trust you before they will buy from you.
  • Use the assign function to delegate tasks to team members and task status to move tasks along your marketing pipeline.
  • Re-experience that forgotten magic of business and have FUN again. Get excited about your business' rejuvenation.
  • Join your fellow ImpleMENTOR members in the closed Facebook Group. This is the members-only forum.
  • Learn how to automate your business' marketing. Your marketing machine will put lead generation on autopilot.
  • Business owners can link with their accountants and business advisors in ImpleMENTOR. This results in much higher-value conversations with advisors.

Track Your Progress With The ImpleMENTOR Activity Summary

Overcome marketing challenges with ImpleMENTOR’s step-by-step guidance

Track your progress through ImpleMENTOR. View completed and verified (those which have been automatically ticked off by ImpleMENTOR) tasks and see visually how far you have come. Watch your completed tasks (and points) rise as you transform your business' marketing.

Monitor And Track Your Progress With ImpleMENTOR Reports

ImpleMENTOR reports display vital information about your SEO as well as overall progress

Campaign Dashboard

Stay on top of your key SEO metrics and ensure specific search engines have you indexed. See how you rank at a glance for your primary keyword phrases and how many sites are linking to you. This information gives you crystal clear direction for where to focus in your business' marketing.

SEO Report Card

Find out how you stack up against the competition with the SEO Report Card. Get data on backlinks, keyword ranking, website load speed, search engine accessibility and more. Knowing your keyword ranking vs your competitors' is vital. You'll know if you're winning or being outperformed.

Keyword Ranking

Track your target keyword rankings and compare them with your competitors to determine which keywords to pursue. This is useful when choosing your keywords for web content (blog posts and content pages). To rank quicker, opt for keywords that real people are searching, but are not too hotly contested.

Link Analysis

Identify other pages that link to your website and see their link strength. The Link Analysis Report also displays your number of total unique links as well as your competitors'. These influence your Google rankings, so it's crucial to see differences between your website's total number and your competitors'.

Market Your Business The Smart Way

Use ImpleMENTOR data to help direct and focus your business marketing


Know what's happening with your website activity. How many people are visiting it? Are they new or returning visitors? You'll be able to see the trend from month to month as your website traffic steadily grows. And website traffic is a lead indicator that results, ultimately, in more sales leads.


Discover which pages on your website are the most popular and why. Know where your traffic is coming from so you can leverage those sources further, and know which content to promote and advertise. Understand where to place 'lead magnets' and calls-to-action on your website. This will grow your marketing database.

You also need to know which pages on your site are ineffective. These have high 'bounce rates' and low 'time on page' where visitors leave your website without clicking through to any other pages. These are like holes in a bucket—know if your site is leaking traffic! Thankfully, such web pages are readily fixed.


Do you know how much of your website traffic is from mobile and tablet visitors? Does your website give these visitors a mobile-friendly experience? If not, Google will be penalising you. That costs you traffic. And leads.

And do you know which social media sites help send most visitors your way? You need to know so you can invest your time and effort in social media where you'll get the best returns.

Get Access To The Modern Marketing ImpleMENTOR

ImpleMENTOR is used by...



Tap into the expertise of the PARADOX team and your fellow ImpleMENTORs


Modern Marketing ImpleMENTOR — What You'll Get

  • 1

    Receive access to the Marketing ImpleMENTOR platform

    Start implementing today and really crank up your business' marketing to a level you thought was only for the big end of town. You'll see steady progress and business growth, following the step-by-step system.

  • 2

    Get weekly or monthly ImpleMENTOR progress scores

    Track your progress in taking action. You'll be motivated, seeing your progress advance each week as you work on your strategy, build and extend your online presence, publish online content, and put systems in place to attract and convert leads.

  • 3

    Stay on track with weekly or monthly marketing analytics reports

    Never again will you wonder whether what you're doing to improve your business is working or not. Analytics reports show clearly how your Google rankings are tracking, what your website traffic trends are, and how much engagement you're getting in social media.

  • 4

    Join us in the ImpleMENTOR member's Facebook group

    Join us in the Facebook group to discuss implementation, motivation or the nitty-gritty 'how to' aspects. Keep yourself accountable by sharing your aims at the start of the week and following up at the end. Participation is of course voluntary and on your own terms.

  • 5

    Tap into the wealth of experience in the monthly webinars

    You'll love the monthly* webinars where you can ask questions, get straight answers and also learn from what other members are asking and sharing about what's working in their marketing.
    *Note: There are 10 webinars per year, Feb through to Nov.

  • Achieve clarity, at last, for your business' marketing
  • Track your implementation progress for motivation
  • See the real-time reports of your marketing results
  • Learn from leaders in small business marketing
  • Be part of an exciting entrepreneurial community

Taking action to grow your business today


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If you are not satisfied with the Marketing ImpleMENTOR platform or support for ANY reason, simply contact our support team at [email protected] within 30 days of your purchase and we'll happily process your refund. Simple.

Top Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

  • q-iconWhat is the ImpleMENTOR platform?

    ImpleMENTOR is an innovative new platform and service from PARADOX that includes marketing and strategic training, support and metrics. As its name suggests, ImpleMENTOR is the ideal blend of an implementation system and a mentoring service to guide your marketing strategies and initiatives. It’s part content, part software, part training and part support service… and it’s 100% practical.

  • q-iconHow can I login to ImpleMENTOR?

    After you have purchased the ImpleMENTOR, login to your Practice Paradox membership account here. Then click the on ImpleMENTOR login button.


  • q-iconWho has time to complete all these tasks?

    The wealth of marketing and strategic information available to you in ImpleMENTOR is immense, but it’s not overwhelming. By focusing in on one section at a time—such as Establish Your Presence or Manage Your Reputation—all you need to think about is the next task to be completed. It’s laid out for you. Chip away and make weekly progress on completing your ImpleMENTOR tasks and you will transform your business. Some tasks can be completed in minutes, and many tasks can be delegated to your team or to your outsourced marketing providers.

  • q-iconWhat types of businesses are suited to ImpleMENTOR?

    ImpleMENTOR is designed for small businesses and their key business advisors such as their tech-savvy, progressive accountants and bookkeepers. It’s designed to help any small business that wants to grow its online presence, use digital and social media marketing, and generate leads from online marketing. Digital marketing is relevant to business types including advisory businesses, professional services, service-based businesses, retailers, tourism and hospitality and any business where prospective clients or customers—at some point along the way before contacting the business—look at the business’ website, check them out in social media, watch videos, read blog posts, open emails and generally research and learn about the business online before getting in touch.

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