The 10 Latest Trends in Marketing for Accountants and Advisors

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10 marketing trends for accountants

September’s free webinar covered the 10 latest trends in marketing. You can watch the webinar recording below to get up to speed.

As MC was presenting from a hotel in Sydney we did have a few tech gremlins creep in. Those have been edited out but rest assured that the recording has everything covered in the live webinar.

Some of the most critical takeaways from the webinar is to understand that you—your business—is who Google says you are.

You’ve got to show up in the search results to attract new visitors and grow your business.

While being on page 1 of the search results used to be good enough, it’s increasingly becoming more important to be in the top 3 on page 1. If you’re not at the top of the search results, you’re effectively running an undercover operation…

And to show up in local search for businesses, you’ll want at least 4 reviews—and more if your competitors have more than you do!

The first step to setting that up is to verify your Google My Business account so that it’s eligible to show up in the search results.

In terms of your website, it’s crucial to have a well designed website that doesn’t look either amateur or boring. While a professional designer is a requirement, you don’t need to spend a tremendous amount of money.

Website load speeds are also increasingly important as mobile search and browsing continues to dominate desktop by wider and wider margins. You can check your website using Google’s Page Speed Insights tool, and get an even more detailed breakdown using Pingdom’s tool.

Once you get visitors coming to your site, you need to then educate your audience and build your ‘know, like and trust factor’.

You can do this with lead magnets (ebooks), webinars, videos, screencasts, podcasts, surveys, quizzes, polls and any other piece of creative or interactive content you can think of.

For now, checkout the video recording of the webinar and make note of ideas you can implement within your firm’s marketing to make a difference.

Time stamps:
Webinar overview and introduction (0:00)
Why the 10 trends is a timely topic (7:00)
#1 Digital marketing and online presence (15:30)
#2 Mobile search and browsing dominates desktop (24:00)
#3 Local search and voice search (26:00)
#4 Global search the removal of geographic constraints (30:00)
#5 Social media is essential in business (32:30)
#6 Branding as firms are becoming more modern (42:30)
#7 Niching – succeeding by doing less (48:00)
#8 Pricing becoming more transparent (50:45)
#9 Advisory – compliance is not dead (53:30)
#10 Content – Firms starting to understand content marketing (55:30)
Modern Business Masterclass: MARKET. SELL. DELIVER. (59:30)

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